Torna (4600ft)

Torna fort is amongst the tallest forts around Pune. A difficult trek the trek to Torna however is one of the most satisfying treks for a nature lover. A huge fort, Torna has seen many a war and has been in control of many rulers at different times. Though most parts of the Torna fort is in ruins the panoramic view the fort offers is well worth the climb up.

Torna Forts Torna forts

Shivaji's 1st Conquest..

Torna fort is the first fort that Shivaji captured and that too in his teens! Shivaji renamed it as Torna. Torna fort is also called Prachandgad. One of the tallest forts around Pune Torna fort also is the only fort that Aurangazeb captured in a real war!.

Distance from Major cities

Pune toTorna60

Mumbai toTorna 200

Kolhapur toTorna230

Nashik toTorna 260

Nagpur toTorna775

B'lore toTorna 850

Torna to Rajgad
Torna to Rajgad

Torna to Rajgad is a difficult and thrilling trek. This trek is advisable only for the experienced trekkers. From Torna the trek to Rajgad starts from the 'Budla Machi'. This trek route is a narrow strip atop the ridges for most part of it. There are a few rock patches which are very steep and one needs to be very careful while negotiating them.

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