Sinhagad  - The Lion Fort...

Easily the most popular getaway and weekend picnic destination from Pune, Sinhagad with the 17th century fort - Sinhagad Fort, which would quite literally transalate to as the Lion Fort, is located 25 kilometers South of Pune perched on a steep hill which used to be called the Kondhana hill. One amongst the most visited forts near Pune Sinhagad fort was also home to the summer house of Bal Gangadhar Tilak.

sinhagad sinhagad

Pitla Bhakri- Sinhagad Special..

Every place has something special about it that makes it different from any other, as for Sinhagad it is 'Pitla Bhakri' and 'Kandha Bhajji'. There are numerous stalls insidefort and also at the entarance that sells the famous 'Pitla Bhakri' and Kandha Bhajji along with 'dahi'.

Distance from Major cities

Pune to Sinhagad35

Mumbai to Sinhagad200

Kolhapur to Sinhagad250

Nagpur to Sinhagad800

B'lore to Sinhagad720

A'bad to Sinhagad850

Tanaji Malasure - Naraveer

Sinhagad is famous for the epic battle between Shivaji's troops led by Tanaji Malasure and the mughal army led by Uday Bhan remeniscent of the series by Frank Miller - 300! Tanaji Malasure along with his troops scaled the fort with the help of a 'ghorpad' to fight the mughals. victorious at the cost of the charismatic leader.

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