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Rock Climbing in Maharashtra..

If you have seen pictures of people perched on a small ledge hundreds of feet up with not a rope in sight and had a rush of adrenaline then rock climbing as an adventure sport is for you. Pune has training centers for novice climbers where in one could learn the basics to safe climbing. organizes rock climbing expeditions in association with its partners for small groups to different rock climbing locations in Maharashtra.

Alibaug Rock Climbing Training

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If you want to purchase Rock Climbing equipments like ropes, harnesses etc you may contact us. Online Rock Climbing equipments store is coming up soon here! watch this space for more details.

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Rappelling & Caving.. in association with its partners organizes rappelling and caving for groups with a min group size of 10. Caving is done near Bhagavathy jetty in Ratnagiri. Exploration upto 320 ft of the cave is done. All safety measures are taken while doing this activity with the help of a well trained team.
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