Ratangad (4250ft)

Ratangad a 400 year old fort at a height of 4250ft is, as per folklore also one of the favourite forts of Shivaji Maharaj. The Wilson dam and Arthur lake, Kalsubai Peak, The Amruteshwar temple and the Randha Falls - the region in the Sahyadris sorrounding Ratangad is truely a little paradise, a secret well kept, and Ratangad true to its name is like a jewel in its majestic crown.

Lohagad Ratangad Forts

Pravara River..

Pravara river orginates in Ratangad. The local legend has it that Agatya rishi meditated and performed penance in Ratangad. At that place two drops of ‘Amrut’ was dropped and water started flowing out from Ratangad continuously resulting in the river Pravara hence the name ‘Amrutvahini’

Distance from Major cities

Pune to Ratangad180

Mumbai to Ratangad 140

Kolhapur to Ratangad 400

Nashik to Ratangad 100

Nagpur to Ratangad 750

B'lore to Ratangad 1000

Bhandardara Fort
Bhandardara - A Surreal Get Away..

Ratanwadi is the base village of Ratangad trek however Bhandardara with good stay options to Ratangad Trek. Ratnwadi is about 25 kms by road however one can also take a boat across the Bhandardara lake to reach Ratanwadi. Ratangad trek can be an exciting outdoor activity during a Bhandardara holiday especially.

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