Rajgad (4600ft)

Rajgad Fort near Pune is one of the grand forts of the Sahaydris. It was Shivaji Maharaj's capital for over 25 years before moving the capital to the Raigad fort. A trekkers delight the fortifications of Rajgad fort built with the treasure found on the adjacent Torna fort is for most parts still in tact. Rajgad fort is a must visit for a trekking enthusiast especially if you are from Pune.

Rajgad Forts Rajgad Forts

Trek To Rajgad..

Rajgad is surely one of the most alluring treks and absolute paragon of high class architecture of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Rajgad has spell bounded many trekkers with its mammoth size, sky touching height and wide spread. Rajgad fort commands the Bhuleshwar range.

Distance from Major cities

Pune to Rajmachi65

Mumbai to Rajgad200

Kolhapur to Rajmachi200

Nagpur to Rajgad750

Nashik to Rajgad265

B'lore to Rajgad825

Suvela Machi - Rajgad
'Nedh' - Suvela Machi - Rajgad

Suvela Machi located on the eastern part of Rajgad fort is a narrow strip that leads to a fortified end. Before the fortifications there is a Hanuman temple and towards the right of the hanuman temple is 'Nedh'. Nedh is a giant hole on the rock face about 3 metres in diameter carved by years of erosion. You can get a great view from here if you climb up here.

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