Pratapgad (3540ft)

Pratapgad fort was the glorious backdrop of Shivaji's legendary battle against Afzhal Khan in 1656, when Shivaji used tiger claws to rip open his opponent's belly. Pratapgad is a strategically located fort in Satara and is a popular and frequented fort due to its proximity to the popular hill station - Mahableshwar. Pratapgad is amongst the highest points in the hills of this region.

Pratapgad Forts Pratapgad Forts

The Legendary 'Wagh Nakh'...

The Pratapgad battle between Afzal Khan and Shivaji is more of a legend in which Shivaji killed the mighty seven foot tall Afzal Khan with tiger nails - 'Wagh Nakh'. Shivaji after the battle had a tomb built for Afzal Khan befitting the mighty warrior.

Distance from Major cities

Pune to Pratapgad140

Mumbai to Pratapgad 160

Kolhapur to Pratapgad345

Nagpur to Pratapgad 750

Nashik to Pratapgad 165

B'lore to Pratapgad 950

Hastkala in Fort
Hastakala Kendra - Pratapgad

On the way up from Ambenali to Pratapgad there is a handicraft centre set up within a small campus where different artefacts and handicraft is on display and sale. An exhibition of art and pictures of historic moments in Shivaji's life carved in metal is a stop that you should take. There also is a refreshment centre within the campus.

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