Nagaon - Romance the Beach..

Nagaon is one of the most romantic destinations near Pune with the vast expanse of the Nagaon beach lined with 'suru' trees extending endlessly onto Akshi another beautiful beach to the north of Nagaon. Nagaon is a secluded beach with fewer visitors than Alibaug, making Nagaon more attractive to the traveler looking to just relax and laze around away from the crowds of the cities..

Nagaon Nagaon beach

Watersports at Nagaon Beach

Though Nagaon beach is an ideal destination to just laze around, Nagaon is slowly establishing itself as a destination for water sports enthusiasts. You will find jet skies motor boats and many other water rides in Nagaon.

Distance from Major cities

Pune to Nagaon140

Mumbai to Nagaon 110

Kolhapur to Nagaon370

Nagpur to Nagaon900

Ahm'bad to Nagaon620

B'lore to Nagaon 1000

Revdanda Fort
Revdanda Fort

The ruins of the Revdanda Fort are a reminder of the Portuguese rule in India. A seven-story tower and the fortification walls are what remain of the original fort.

There is an ancient chapel within the forts premises from where St. Francis Xavier gave one of his first sermons in India.

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