Matheran - The Woods on a Hill..

Literally the woods on a hill, Matheran is the quietest possible getaway from Pune and Mumbai thanks to the ban on all vehichles apart from ambulances in Matheran to help maintain and preserve this eco sensitive zone. Matheran enjoys cool climate through out the year which makes it popular especially during the summers. Commuting on hand pulled rikshaws and ponies in itself is a unique experiance that only Matheran offers!

matheran matheran toy-train

Olympia Race Course....

Trek to Matheran Madan and Kulang together cannot be done in less than three days the two pinnacles are done almost always together and although Matheran and Kulang are the peaks Madangad almost always steals the limelight especially due to the difficulty of the climb!!

Distance from Major cities

Pune to Matheran 125

Mumbai to Matheran 100

Kolhapur to Matheran 350

Nagpur to Matheran850

B'lore to Matheran950

A'bad to Matheran600

matheran Hill Railway
Matheran Hill Railway

A visit to the Matheran railway station is warranted for the uniqueness of the place. Matheran would you see the narrow gauge railway station. Built in 1907 by Sir Adamjee Peerbhoy from Neral to Matheran, the Matheran Railway covers a distance of 20 km. The train slow & uniqueness quotient!

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