Karnala - A Green Canopy near the Concrete Jungles..

Karnala is a beautiful canopy of green just around Pune that you knew about but never cared to get intimate with. Do take the trouble, you'll find the air here refreshing the walks energizing and the getaway completely revitalising. Karnala is a great place for a weekend break with friends and family. Just over an hour away from Pune and Mumbai Karnala is also a great one day trip destination.

Karnala FortsKarnala bird-sanctuary

Karnala Bird Sactuary..

Karnala Bird Sanctuary is a permanent home to about 150 species of avians and is also temporarily visited by another 40 species of migratory birds. Bird watching here is a seosonal affair. The best time to visit from November to February.

Distance from Major cities

Pune to Karnala 120

Mumbai to Karnala50

Kolhapur to Karnala350

Nagpur to Karnala850

B'lore to Karnala950

A'bad to Karnala550

Karnala Rockclimbing
Rock Climbing in Karnala

If you have the expertise and the equipment you can scale the Karnala Thums Up. From one side the Karnala Thums Up is a sheer rock face with a couple of overhangs. This is a technical climb and you must have the necessary proficiency and safety gear to make it successfully.

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