Fantasea Beach Resort - Devbaug ( Malvan )

Welcome to Fantasea Beach Resort

Set in a sprawling campus Fantasea Beach Resort is a delightful departure from regular Tarkarli hotels and other resorts in Tarkarli. Located right on the pristine Devbag - Tarkarli beach, with stunning ocean front views and a calm sea for company, Fantasea Beach Resort is an elegant resort built in traditional Kokani style right on the beach.

Nestled amidst lush green trees Fantasea Beach Resort has two cottages with spacious rooms built with care to provide all the amenities to ensure a delightful experience during your vacation in Tarkarli.

Accommodation in Fantasea Beach Resort - Tarkarli

There are two cottages in Fantasea Beach Resort. The main cottage has three spacious bedrooms and a common sitting and dining area. Another cozy cottage with a single room ideal for couples is set beside the main cottage.

All the rooms in Fantasea Beach Resort are air conditioned and elegantly furnished each equipped with attached baths.

Fantasea Beach Resort

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