Fantasea Valley Resort - Karjat

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Tucked away in a quaint village in Karjat, Fantasea Valley Resort is a little hide away just perfect for some time away from the city. Set in a valley in the shadows of rolling hills on the banks of a river Fantasea Valley Resort has all the makings of a perfect weekend break!

Set in an expansive 20 acre campus Fantasea Valley Resort has a luxuriously furnished cottage that opens upto a swimming pool gracefully merging into the rustic milieu. The cottage has four spacious rooms and two large living rooms and an open terrace.

Located almost midway between Mumbai and Pune, Fantasea Valley Resort is nestled amidst lush grenery and gentle streams in Vaijanath off Tata road in Karjat about 15 kms from Karjat railway station. Fantasea Valley Resort is about 75 kms from Mumbai and 115 kms from Pune

Fantasea Valley Resort

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