Devbaug - A little Peninsular

A small peninsular jutting out of the main land Devbaug has the Karli backwaters on one side and the vast blue ocean on the other with the Devbaug sangam at one end. Devbaug is blessed with natural beauty and is covered in coconut palms and lush greenery. An erstwhile fishing hamlet Devbaug now is developing into a tourist destination with a good majority of youth prefering the tourism industry to fishing.

Devbaug Beach Devbaug beach - tsunami Island

SCUBA Diving in Devbaug

Devbaug already the main center of water sports in Malvan thanks to the Tsunami island now is the newest site for SCUBA diving in Malvan. SCUBA diving in Devbaug is organized off the coast near the Dutta mandir at the start of the Devbaug village.

Distance from Major cities

Pune to Devbaug400

Mumbai to Devbaug 550

Kolhapur to Devbaug 165

Nagpur to Devbaug 1000

Ahm'bad to Devbaug 900

B'lore to Devbaug 650

Devbaug Sangam
Devbaug Sangam

Along with the Tsunami islands Devbaug Sangam forms the core of sightseeing options of Devbaug apart from the beach itself. Devbaug sangam where Karli river meets the sea is truely a beautiful spot. devbaug sangam approximately 14 kms from Malvan is also a snorkeling site. Boating is also available here.

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