Dajipur - Wildlife Sanctuary..

If you are looking for an off beat location for a quite holiday away from the cities Dajipur is just the perfect location. Though the Bison park would be closed until November, September to November is a great time to visit Dajipur with the lake is full offering some very pleasent views and Ponda ghats affording magnificent views of the green valleys. Dajipur is slowly growing in popularity as a monsoons destination too.
Ponda Ghats..
Ponda ghats is at a walking distance from Dajipur and a must visit during your stay at Dajipur. The view of the valleys, hills and the plains extending upto konkan from the Ponda ghats is absolutely magnificent. The SH 116 passing though Ponda ghats meets the NH 17 at Kankavli, making Dajipur a great stop over one the way to southern Konkan beaches like Malvan and Vengurla and also Goa!
Dajipur is one of the best campsites in Maharashtra and for all you campers out there, Dajipur is a definite destination that you have to check out. The Radhanagri and the Dajipur dharan or the lakes offers some very calm and soulful moments and makes the whole experience of a weekend in Dajipur just fabulous. The site on the banks of the lake near the MTDC rest house is perfect for camping.
Dajipur - Bison National Park..

At a height of 3,940 ft atop the Ponda ghats is the Dajipur wild life sanctuary. The Dajipur forest reserve is home to large herds of wild bison amongst various other animals. The National park is open for wild life safaris from November to June and is closed during the rains.
Camping in Dajipur..
The Bison National Park in Dajipur is the primary attraction in Dajipur. The National park is open from November to June and is closed during the rains. Jeep safari in the sanctuary is an exciting option. The Ponda Ghats is another attraction and the view from here is magnificent. The Radhanagri and the Dajipur lakes offer some very calm and soulful moments and makes the whole experience of a trip to Dajipur absolutely fabulous. Dajipur is 60 Kms from Kolhapur.

Gagangiri Maharaj Math

Gagangiri Maharaj Math located at about 50 Kms from Dajipur atop the Karul ghat near Gaganbawda offers its visitors a very tranquil environment and is definitely worth a visit. The math is dedicated to hindu teachings, yoga and meditation practices. The Math receives visitors all through the year including international tourists who visit the math to learn hinduism and yoga.

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