Dahanu - A Seaside Town..

Dahanu a quiet town about 150 kms from Mumbai on the Arabian sea coast, is a small town by the sea. Reknowned for the chikoo plantations Dahanu is responsible for over 50% of the countries chikoo produce. Dahanu with its beaches lined by the coconut and casuarina trees and erstwhile bungalows of iranian settlers has a rustic charm that makes Dahanu a great weekend destination from the busy cities.

Dahanu Beach Warli Paintings Dahanu

Warli Paintings

Warli paintings originated in the adjoining tribal pockets of Dahanu. Now highly popular and commercially a successful artform Warli paintings depict social life with scenes from daily life created in a rhythmic pattern. The symbolism of Warli paintings depict harmony and balance.

Distance from Major cities


Pune to Dahanu 265

Mumbai to Dahanu 140

Kolhapur to Dahanu 500

Nagpur to Dahanu 900

Ahm'bad to Dahanu 435

B'lore to Dahanu 1100


Daman an erstwhile Portugese colony is yet to be anywhere close to its couterpart Goa in popularity. With Daman beaches like Jampore on the southern end and Devka to the north, old churches and forts Daman is a great weekend destination. You can also get duty free alcohol in Daman which also is a great attraction!

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