Dabhol - A Black Sand Cove..

Dabhol beach, one of the most secluded beaches amongst the beaches in this stretch, is a serene beach with the tranquility augmented by the 'suruche ban' lining the enire stretch of the beach thanks to the afforestation efforts of Maharashtra government. A black sand beach Dabhol is the beach you need to head for if you are looking for some quality time alone with your loved ones.

Dabhol dabhol beach Chandika Devi temple

Believed to be from the Pandav era the swayambhu Chandika Devi temple is located on the Dabhol-Dapoli road. Housed within a small cave without electrical lights, lit up by 'samayis' is the idol of Chandika devi .

Mahabaleshwar Travel Guide

Distance from Major cities


Pune to Dabhol 140

Mumbai to Dabhol 110

Kolhapur to Dabhol 370

Nagpur to Dabhol 900

Ahm'bad to Dabhol 620

B'lore to Dabhol 1000

Anda Masjid
Anda Masjid

Anda Masjid with the dome and minarets located close to the Dabhol port elucidates muslim architecture. Built during Adilshah’s Regime, legend has it that 15 lakh indian rupees was spent in the construction of this beautiful monument. Anda masjid still remains one of the prominent landmarks in Dabhol and is definitely worth a visit.

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