Around Sinhagad

Around Sinhagad

Sinhagad is a very popular picnic spot and weekend destination from Pune. Sinhagad fort also the nearest camping ground near Pune. Smoking, alcohol and non-vegetarian food is banned atop the fort prior to which the Sinhagad fort was very popular as a camping destination near Pune. Now few places around Sinhagad especially Panshet and the banks of the lake has taken over as the most frequented camping ground.

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Water Parks near Sinhagad...

There are two water parks near Sinhagad, Krushnai the more popular of the two is at the base of the Sinhagad fort. Plezar Point the other one is about 15 kms from the Donje phata. A visit to one of these two water parks can make a holiday in Sinhagad a lot of fun especially for kids

Sinhagad Sightseeing..








Nilkantheshwar is a beautiful temple built on a small hillock in the vicinity of Panshet and Varasgaon dam dedicated to Lord Shiva. The main attraction of this temple is scores of sculptures made in cement depicting various mythological characters like Dashavatar, Ashta Vinayaka etc

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