Around Matheran

Around Matheran

Matheran has over three dozen view points scattered around in the tiny hill top plateau all duly identified and named after eminent Britishers who lived here. Unique in many ways most blatant being that Matheran is amongst the very few pedestrian hill stations in the world. No vehicles apart from ambulances are allowed here in this tiniest hill station in the world - woods atop a till - Matheran.

Matheran Matheran Toy Train


Lonavla and Khandala is a beautiful twin hill station, 622 m. above sealevel midway from Matheran and Pune about 60 km from Matheran and Pune. This holiday destination is popular especially during the rains. Lonavala 'chikkis' and nuts are also very famous.

Distance from Major cities

Pune to Matheran 125

Mumbai to Matheran 100

Kolhapur to Matheran 350

Nagpur to Matheran850

B'lore to Matheran1100

A'bad to Matheran970

Lohagad Fort
Lohagad Fort

Lohagad fort is a formidable fort near Pune. Lohagad is an ideal trekking destination for trekkers from Pune and Mumbai because of its accesibility, ease of the trek and lush green surroundings. Lohagad is 3400 feet high and is a very wide spread fort. There are 4 doors to Lohagad from the nearby village Lohagadwadi.

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