Alang (4500ft)

Alang fort located in the Kalsubai range in Nasik district is considered to be amongst the most difficult treks that one can embark on in Maharashtra. Solo trekking is not advised on a trek to Alang due to the confusing pathways and the risk involved. There are certain patches in the trek route to Alang where your rock climbing skills also will be tested to a great extend!!

Alang Forts Alang Forts

Alang Madan Kulang....

Trek to Alang Madan and Kulang together cannot be done in less than three days the two pinnacles are done almost always together and although Alang and Kulang are the peaks Madangad almost always steals the limelight especially due to the difficulty of the climb!!

Distance from Major cities

Pune to Alang170

Mumbai to Alang 125

Kolhapur to Alang400

Nashik to Alang 85

Nagpur to Alang750

B'lore to Alang1000

Alang Fort
History Of Alang...

Apart from folklore there is not much of documented history of the Alang fort. The fort was Mughal and Maratha at different British took control fort. During the British rule Alang acted as a refuge to the tribal and Maratha revolutionaries and it is believed that Britishers to prevent this blasted off the steps making the fort inaccessible.

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