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Pune could very well be considered the adventure capital of central India. Be it Rock climbing, River rafting or Flying Pune has all the options open and if you are ready to travel a bit then snorkeling and beach camping options are also open. With numerous forts and lakes around Pune, trekking and camping is very popular in Pune. You will also find numerous cyclists taking the popular Sinhagad - Panshet route especially during weekends.

Adventure Sports near Pune - Adventure Sports near Mumbai
Camping and Trekking near Pune
Camping and Trekking near Pune

Maharashtra has many trekking destinations, predominantly forts, strewn across the entire state.
Many of these forts in Pune are in ruins but a trek up any of them is worth the effort. Most of the forts near Pune provide an ideal setting for trekking and camping.
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Adventure Sports in Maharashtra